Friday, February 5, 2010

Snifftastic Soy

I wrote about how much I love Mrs. Meyer's eco friendly, super good smelling cleaning products. Along that same line of trying to detox our home and make our airways a little fresher, I also made a vow to stop using regular wax candles. You know that nasty ring of soot that gets on the jar of the candle? Well imagine that in your lungs, or your pet's, or even your child!
Soy candles are a healthier way to get your place smelling really good without all of the soot and added chemicals floating around in the air. You can pretty much get them anywhere, including Walmart, Target, and sometimes places like TJ Maxx and Ross. Method has a few really adorable candles in a range of scents. My love Mrs. Meyer also has a couple. But probably my favorite scent right now is made by Febreeze.

Their Cranberry Pear candle is actually a "soy blend". So it's not really the "ideal" candle, but I AM in a transition mode after all. This particular candle burns pretty clean, has a sweet jar that is worth saving to keep cotton balls, change, or anything else in after you're done, and actually burned for longer than the 40 hours stated on the package. At ten dollars it is a steal! Especially if you google for any coupons before you buy.

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