Friday, February 5, 2010

Can I Get Your Autograph?

One of the things I really want to DIY is my guestbook. I just haven't fully decided what format it will take.

One option I love is a jar of "Well wishes" cards as seen at Martha Stewart's wedding site. I like the idea of having guests jot down their notes for us and throwing them into a jar similar to this one
(I can't remember where this picture is from so please let me know if it's yours so I can give you credit!)

or even a cool white ceramic planter that we could paint our initals on.

Another thing I've thought about a lot is a nice big framed poster mat that folks could sign and even draw pictures if they wanted to. Like this one from Target.While the 59.99 dollar price point is definitely a little much for this, I think it's cute and has some definite DIY possibilities!

One of my all time favorite blogs showcased their awesome backyard wedding celebration. They had a kick ass photo booth at the reception for their friends and family to use and had tons of adorable photo strips to show off. A photo booth is a little out of my budget, but I was thinking about getting a classic polaroid camera and asking folks to write a note on their photo for us to keep.

I love love LOVE this idea. It's also from Martha Stewart Weddings. Reminiscent of card catalogs and the sweet smell of literature, this one conjures up memories of my first love....the library.

I really love all these ideas. It sucks I can't use all of them! I haven't quite figured out which one will work best for us yet so stay tuned to see what we pick!

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