Friday, February 5, 2010

I Heart Mrs. Meyers!

I do! I really do!

I started using her Lemon Verbena All Purpose Cleaner a few months ago. I generally dilute it a little and use it to clean my countertops, floors, garbage can, bathroom sink, walls, etc.
I got mine at Target and spent about eight dollars on a 32 ounce bottle. I spent another two dollars on a squirt bottle to put a diluted solution of it in for convenient clean ups. In the past maybe five months or so, I haven't even used half of the 32 ounce bottle. When you consider I would have probably used a thing or two or Lysol all purpose cleaner by now, I would say not only is it an eco win, it's also a cost win!

I love the lemon verbena scent so much, I bought the hand soap

And the dish soap. Which gets dishes surprisingly CLEANER than the other chemical ridden type ever did.

I also recently scored these Mrs. Meyer's dryer sheets in Baby Blossom from TJ Maxx for three dollars! They make my clothes so soft and fluffy that I don't know how I wore clothes without them. And the scent is so spectacular I find myself doing more laundry.

If you haven't tried these products (or any other eco friendly ones) you MUST! I've noticed a significant change in the air in my home as well as just our general well being. Headaches are at an all time low. And I feel great taking a deep breath and knowing there are less shady chemicals to breathe in.

You can buy Mrs. Meyer's products at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and other fine retailers near you!

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