Friday, January 22, 2010

Hampton Roads Venues for Budget Brides

I'm a budget bride. And proud of it.

I'm also sort of picky. I have a fresh, modern taste and a keen visual eye. I won't settle for just anything for my wedding, and you shouldn't either. The following post is a list of venues that my fiance and I have checked out over the course of our adventures in wedding planning. They are extremely budget conscious and they tend to have a nearby or attached ceremony site. I'm not a church person so we looked for alternatives to your standard church wedding, hotel reception. That's just not who we are. But even if you are a church wedding type of gal, some of these venues just might speak to you for your reception!

Yorktown Freight Shed

This is a popular Yorktown venue that features gorgeous views of the York River, fantastic photo opportunities, and a great sense of history. The Freight Shed was built in 1935 and renovated in 2005. There is a sweet tent out behind the venue that's included in your rental from April to October! Dates book up really fast here so I would definitely try to reserve it as quickly as you can.

Williamsburg Community Building

When I say community building, you probably think "Eh, I guess that would be affordable, but is it NICE?". It's actually AMAZING, not just nice. The building is right in the heart of Williamsburg so it's perfect for someone with a William and Mary Chapel ceremony or another colonial outdoor wedding. You can rent all or part of the building from the city of Williamsburg. It opens up to be quite large! It's very open, bright and spacious and the hardwood floors are absolutely lovely. I really don't think you can go wrong with this one.

2007 Legacy Hall

Located right in the desirable neighborhood of Williamsburg's New Town, Legacy Hall is another county owned facility (noticing a trend here?). It's got two adjoining meeting rooms that you can rent separately if you're having a more intimate affair or together if you are hosting a larger group.

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